Whats the advantages of using a purchase order system?

The advantages of using a cloud purchase order system are numerous. First and most importantly is the price – a cloud purchase order system is usually available on a low cost monthly subscription basis so there is no major outlay financially as there would be when buying purchase order software.

Secondly, a cloud PO system can be hosted and managed for you by the supplier so there is no need to involve your IT department. Upgrades are automatically installed and will have no impact on the users of the system.

Cloud products can also be accessed 24/7 from any location in the world via mobile devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones. This gives people the ability to not only raise purchase orders but also to authorize PO’s making the whole process much faster and more efficient.

As well as allowing easy access around the world, cloud systems make home working so much easier. More and more people are either choosing to work from home or are forced to because of transport issues caused by bad weather or strikes. Having a cloud purchase order system gives employees the ability to carry out purchasing tasks at home which would previously only be possible in an office environment. Information can also be shared with colleagues within a highly secure private cloud network so being away from the office no longer disrupts work processes.


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