How could a Purchase Order System save me money?

An automated purchase order system is used to generate purchase orders in electronic format. Each purchase order is raised according to a pre-defined set of rules, ensuring that every person follows the same processes throughout the entire organisation.

A purchase order system can save you money because it gives you greater budgetary control. Cloud B2B’s Purchase Order System has a Budget Control module which allows authorised users to set budgets within their own department. Every time a purchase order is raised the value is verified against the budget and then deducted leaving the current balance.  This enables users to see at any time the amount available to spend and eliminates the danger of overspending.

An online purchase order system also saves on paper, printing, postage and filing costs as all processes are carried out electronically. Purchase orders are emailed directly to suppliers and then stored within the system making them easily accessible.

For further information onCloud B2B’s Purchase Order System please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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