Why should I use cloud storage for documents?

As more and more people are now working from home or are travelling on business, access to relevant business documents from any location is critical. Even recent events like St. Jude’s storm which disrupted many rail networks made it impossible for thousands of workers to get to their offices making home working the only option.

Using an online cloud document storage system not only makes it possible to access files remotely but also via portable devices such as tablets and Smart Phones. So, wherever you are, you can view all your business paperwork at the touch of a button. Purchase orders can be raised, invoices can be approved and contracts reviewed. Client files are instantly available and can be shared with other colleagues who need to view the same documents. You can even fill out your monthly expenses claim online and submit it for approval and payment!

A cloud based document management system is secure and cost effective; most are subscription based with a low monthly fee per user. No IT support is required as this is normally provided by the supplier and includes the installation and management of all upgrades.

Cloud B2B solutions supply a suite of cloud document storage solutions including a purchase order and purchase invoice approval system, a contracts management system and an online expenses management system. For further information please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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