Document management improved employment prospects

Two of the major benefits of cloud document management are its portability and accessibility. Using cloud document management, business documents which traditionally would be stored at an office location can now be viewed remotely anywhere in the world. Not only is it possible to access documentation anywhere but you can do so using a portable device such as a tablet or Smartphone so a PC is not necessarily required.

All these factors have a significant impact on recruitment as there is no longer a requirement for employees to live within travelling distance of an office which gives employers a larger pool of people to select from who have the relevant experience and/or qualifications. Potentially this could give businesses a competitive edge as they could now be employing more high calibre personnel.

Cloud based document management also opens up opportunities for parents with young children to apply for work which previously they would not have been able to do. It also makes the workplace more accessible to disabled people or people who care for sick relatives at home and allows them to use their skills without having to travel.

Cloud document management is more flexible and user friendly than traditional EDM systems although there is undoubtedly still room for both.

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