Document management & mobile tech, what’s new?

The number of people using Smartphones is rapidly increasing.  There were 17.6 million mobile phone internet users in 2011 which is 45% of all internet users and the majority of those using a mobile phone to access the internet did so whilst they were away from the office or home.

Also on the increase is the number of applications available giving users the ability to email, shop and share information. Most of these apps, however, up to now, have focussed on the social side of life so it comes as welcome news that apps for business are now being developed. As more and more workers become mobile, remote access to business documentation has gained in importance and it is now possible to access an entire electronic document management system via a Smartphone. This gives users the ability to view a whole range of documents at any time wherever they are in the world.

Cloud B2B solutions specialises in document management systems. They also have a Purchase Order and Invoice Approval module which enables personnel to raise purchase orders when working off site and also approve invoices for payment whilst on the move so no more mountains of paperwork to face on return to the office!

Cloud B2B solutions provide a secure portable low cost electronic document management system. It is subscription based which makes it much more affordable than traditional Electronic Document Management solutions and does not require an organisation’s  IT infrastructure to support it.

To learn more about the many benefits of Cloud B2B's solutions please click here or call 0800 840 3336.

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