What factors to consider when investing in an PO system?

There are several factors which need to be considered before buying a purchase order system. The most important step is for you and your colleagues to put together a specification of your requirements. As well as ensuring that you have included all the functionality you need from your system you should be mindful of not listing features which are unnecessary and which could potentially confuse users. Ask yourselves ‘Do we really need this and would anybody use it?’

The most basic elements of an electronic purchase order system are:

  • A multi line purchase order template
  • A drop down list of supplier details
  • A drop own list of PO approvers
  • The ability to add supporting documents such as quotes
  • The ability to allocate cost or nominal codes
  • The ability to close purchase orders

Additional features available which may or may not be useful include:

  • Reports
  • Budget control module
  • Out of Office
  • Connectivity to Sage accounts system

For further information on electronic purchase order systems please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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