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Why is employee wellbeing so important?

Staff welfare is an important part of employment and is a key issue which organisations are trying to address.

It is common knowledge that a happy workforce is a productive workforce and employers are striving to ensure that their employees remain content and motivated in the workplace.

One of the responsibilities of the HR Department is to manage issues related to mental health such as stress or bullying and these must be dealt with both sympathetically and expertly.

There is a duty to allow employees to be able to access advice and links to third parties which can provide confidential advice and guidance on these matters.

Cloud B2B’s HR Online System has a section which caters for Staff Wellbeing and HR can publish this type of information within this for staff to consult if they wish to do so. By using the system’s Self Service module, any member of staff is able to access documentation, confidentially, which may be of help to them.

In addition to HR Online, Cloud B2B also supplies a range of other business solutions such as:

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