New Group Tasks feature available

Following on from user experience, a new generic function has been developed for the Tasks process in the Cloud B2B range of software. Where workflow has been evoked e.g. approving a Purchase Order or approving a change of personal details in the HR system, the task would normally go to a single nominated individual at a time. However, there are situations e.g. in a busy HR department or where a group of Directors can approve Purchase Orders, it would be sensible to allow more than one person in a group to be able to take ownership and deal with that task. The new feature will allow anyone in the Group to open a task and deal with it – by doing so that Task will be ‘locked’ so only that person can access it whilst it is being actioned. Once actioned the tasks will then process via the designed system workflow.

Head of Service Delivery (Daniel Page) commented “This new feature in our generic HR and Purchase order software solutions will cater for customers who have heavy workloads, where they are happy for anyone in a nominated group to action a Task. This will save time and will spread the load of tasks that need action. And as a task is ‘locked’ whilst being actioned there will be no room for confusion.”

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