How is cloud computing evolving?

The term ‘cloud computing’ became popular in 2007 although the concept had been born many years before that. Today the adoption of cloud based systems is gathering momentum but how far have we got in terms of acceptance and where is cloud computing heading?

One of the attractions of the cloud is that data can be accessed via mobile devices. The good news is that mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful (and slimmer). With the continuing dependence on clouds to support mobile applications, mobile devices will have more capabilities. Apple’s iCloud is one of many on the market today.

The hype surrounding cloud computing is dying down and giving way to a more practical business like approach to the concept. The value it has for business is beginning to be recognised albeit after many failed projects and it is being used for very specific applications.

One of the most significant uses of cloud computing in a business environment is to provide a centralized data store which will undoubtedly give organisations a key strategic advantage. The creation and management of massive databases in the sky will become the norm and the ability to be able to access documents, information and statistics through a publicly accessible API (application programming interface) will increase efficiency and improve cash flow.

In conclusion, cloud computing continues to evolve positively and in another five years it has been suggested that it’s adoption will be so prolific that the word ‘cloud’ will disappear and it will simply be known as computing.

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