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How does HR support staff in a post COVID 19 era?

The workplace for many has and will continue to change dramatically in a post pandemic world.
From the increase in home working, which for many may be a permanent change to working life, to the possible change or loss of a position in an organisation, these factors and more can lead to uncertainty and stress.

To meet these challenges, and others, HR has a major role in any organisation in terms of communication related to evolving company standards and advice on associated topics to all levels of staff.
And with the major increase in home working, part or full time, self-service functionality for HR to efficiently communicate with employees, and for them to interface efficiently and effectively with the organisation, will be critical.

Cloud based HRM software can provide the vehicle for HR to facilitate both communication and remote working. From the ability for staff to complete time sheets online, to requesting leave, to advising on change of personal details, to being advised of rotas, the right HR software can play a major role.
In addition a Wellbeing function is the ideal way that organisations can provide online help and support across a whole range of topics and issues, from new work / home life balance, to stress management, to financial issues, even to bullying. HR can publish and update such posts, that can have links to 3rd party organisations providing independent confidential advice.

HR Online from Cloud B2B solutions provides all the above and more, to help HR and staff work and interface more efficiently and effectively. We provide free remote demonstrations of our generic solutions, that can be tailored to any level to suit any size of organisation.

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