Whats influencing the move from PC’s to Smart devices?

Until recently the only business application that mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets were used for was email. There is now a much greater call for them to be used for extended business processes with 75% of people interviewed in a recent survey, believing that mobile technologies were becoming increasingly important.

It is already common knowledge that mobile technologies give access to information but in a business context, the most important repository for business information is a company’s document management system. With more people working from home or off site, access to vital business documentation is critical particularly if there is a collaborative task being carried out or documents waiting to be signed off or approved.

With these issues in mind, Cloud B2B solutions has developed a range of cloud based document management solutions which can be accessed via a mobile device at any time and at any location across the globe. As well as the core document management system, they have also designed a Purchase Order and Invoice Approval System and a Contracts Management system. All these solutions make it possible to carry out the majority of time critical business processes 24/7, improving cash flow and customer satisfaction and giving faster response times to business opportunities.

For further information on Documents Online’s products and services please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336 for a free consultation.

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