What is the meaning of cloud computing?

It is common belief that cloud computing is the future for IT but there seems to be some confusion as to what the term really means.

The ‘cloud’ is actually the internet, so called because of its large intangible nature. Cloud computing is the hosting of data on the internet rather than on PC’s or servers in the office thus eliminating reliance on the IT department for hardware and software support.

Other attractions of cloud computing is that data can be accessed from any location at any time using an internet connection and that the cost of usage is predictable as opposed to unexpected heavy expenditure which can be incurred on IT support.

In these times of increasing numbers of people working from home or multi location offices, cloud computing, particularly cloud based document management, is becoming a popular option. It transcends time zones and facilitates the ability to carry out what would normally be office based tasks anywhere in the world. It has to be said that it makes good business sense!

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