What are the most important features of a PO System?

An online purchase order system enables an organisation to raise purchase orders in a controlled and structured way and ensures that every purchase order creator follows the same set of rules.

There are many useful features, some of which are optional as not all businesses operate in the same way and have different requirements. One of the most useful functions of a purchase order system is the ability to provide a full audit trail of activity within the system. It is able to identify dates and times of PO creation through to approval and subsequent invoice matching.

The system also has an ‘Outstanding Tasks’ feature which automatically alerts users to any actions they need to take such as PO or invoice approval, preventing a backlog of work to build up.

A key feature of a purchase order system and of vital importance to the Finance Department is the ability to run reports. These can be tailored to suit specific needs but will normally cover the status of all PO’s and invoices, such as the number rejected, closed, paid by Direct Debit or part paid.

Optional modules can be included such as a Budget Control ModuleRate Supplier Module and Sage Connector. For more detailed information on these please follow the links.

If you are considering implementing an online purchase order system please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336 to arrange a free demonstration and discuss your requirements in more detail.

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