What are the advantages of using an online PO system?

There are many benefits to be gained by using an online purchase order system. An online system standardises the processes involved in raising and approving purchase orders so that everyone within an organisation has to provide the same information using a template and selecting from drop down lists.

Workflow rules direct new purchase orders to the relevant person for approval according to the value of the goods or services ordered. Once approved, the PO’s are emailed to suppliers saving on printing and postage costs.

A budget control module can also help to monitor expenditure which is particularly useful if a fixed amount of money has been made available for a project as it stops overspending.

cloud based purchase order system can also be accessed at any time and from any location and can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone, allowing users to raise and approve purchase orders when away from the office or on the move.

For further information on online purchase order systems please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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