How can I ensure POs get approved when out the office?

It is possible to get purchase orders approved when you are not in the office by using an ‘Out of Office’ module.

First of all, however, your organisation must use an online purchase order system to generate purchase orders electronically. Purchase order software completely automates the processes involved in raising purchase orders and ensures that all PO creators issue purchase orders in a standardised way.

Workflow rules direct new electronic purchase orders to the relevant approvers, usually determined by the value of the order. If, however, an approver is on a planned period of absence, another member of staff can be designated to process the approver’s tasks. The primary approver simply uses the ‘Out of Office’ tool to set the dates of the period of absence and to re-direct the tasks to the secondary approver.

In the case of unplanned absence, the system administrator will be able to view and amend out of office settings and re-direct tasks. By using the ‘Out of Office’ module PO approvers do not have to return to the office to find a large volume of tasks waiting to be processed. It also ensures that goods and services are ordered promptly so that they arrive on schedule.

For further information about online purchase order systems and their features and functions please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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