What is PO software and why do businesses use it?

Purchase order software gives organisations the ability to raise purchase orders electronically. The software completely automates all the processes involved in the creation of a purchase order and ensures that all P.O’s are in a standard format.

A purchase order template is designed to suit a company’s requirements and can include a drop down list of suppliers, cost centre codes and products and services. Pre populated lists reduce spelling errors and make it easier and quicker to generate a purchase order. A workflow system takes the completed PO to the relevant approver before being emailed directly to the supplier. If the order is not approved it will be returned to the creator along with the reasons it has been declined.

Businesses use purchase order software because it gives greater control over purchasing activities and expenditure. If products and services need to be purchased for a specific project the software will automatically deduct the costs from a fixed budget and prevent overspending.

Savings can also be made on paper and printing costs as well as filing and storage space as the purchase orders are created and stored electronically.

For further information on using purchase order software please click here or call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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