How could purchase order software benefit my business?

Purchase order software is used to automate the raising of purchase orders in all types of businesses.

Whatever size an organisation may be it will always need to purchase goods and services from suppliers. The buying process usually begins with the raising of a purchase order stating the details and cost of the item to be purchased. If necessary, the PO is then sent to a more senior member of staff for approval before the goods can be ordered. Needless to say, the larger the company the more complex this can be as paper based purchase orders get lost or damaged or just delayed in the lengthy process. This can result in the late arrival of goods and services which could ultimately affect supply to customers.

When purchase order software is used the whole process becomes automated as each stage is carried out electronically. A template is used to ensure that all PO’s follow the same format and workflow directs the purchase orders to the relevant people for approval using a pre-defined set of rules. A list of supplier details is loaded into the system so that all completed PO’s can be automatically populated with address and email details and the order can be sent directly to the supplier by email. An online purchase order system also gives full visibility from a financial perspective as to pending expenditure which ultimately improves cash flow.

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