Is PO software suitable for use in SME's?

Purchase Order software can be used in any size business and is particularly beneficial for smaller organisations as they have a greater need to control spending.

Raising purchase orders manually in paper format can lead to costly errors such as overspending budgets, duplicating purchases and not always securing the most cost effective product or service.

By using an automated purchase order system all processes are standardised so that every PO has the same format and contains all the required information. Budgets for individual cost centres or departments can be input and the values of PO’s raised can be set against these so that expenditure can be constantly monitored. The system can also retain supplier contracts so it is easy to check on expiry dates and terms and conditions.

As soon as a paperless purchase order has been approved it is sent by email to the supplier, saving on stationery, postage costs and filing. Electronic purchase orders can easily be retrieved and do not take up valuable physical storage space.

Whatever size your company is, purchase order software will certainly save you time and money. For further information call Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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