What is an online purchase order system?

An online purchase order system allows you to carry out all purchasing processes electronically within one integrated solution. A cloud based purchase order system gives access 24 hours a day from any location in the world and enables users to raise, approve, decline and track purchase orders and supplier invoices.

Approvers are pre-set so only authorised personnel can access the system making it more secure than paper format. Incoming invoices, if not received electronically, are scanned on arrival and automatically attached to the corresponding purchase order. Automating purchasing processes not only saves on administration costs but also gives greater efficiency and instant visibility into cash flow. Reports can be run to track outstanding purchases and invoices and also track those in progress.

cloud based online purchase order system is also very cost effective and is priced on a monthly subscription basis. There is also no requirement for support from your IT department as the supplier will manage the entire process from development through to hosting and upgrades.

For further information on an online purchase order system please click here to visit the Cloud B2B solutions website or call 0800 840 3336.

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