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Why Purchase Order Systems are better than paper?

Filling out a paper purchase order form is simple enough but it’s the processes afterwards which can be time consuming , labour intensive and prone to error. Paper PO’s can easily be lost or damaged, vital information can be missing resulting in delayed ordering and they have to be manually scanned, faxed, emailed or posted to a supplier. At the end of the process the purchase order then has to be filed away (or not as sometimes is the case). The real challenge is when invoices come in and PO’s need to be retrieved to check that the details are correct – missing PO’s can cost a business dearly.

By using a cloud based purchase order system all these issues can be eliminated.  Web based purchase order software gives structure and organisation to all the activities involved in raising PO’s. An electronic template ensures that everyone uses the same format and mandatory fields eradicate the issue of missing information. The purchase orders are routed via workflow to managers for approval with escalation rules built in should anyone be off sick or on leave.

The final stage is to email the PO to a supplier with a copy safely stored away in the system. Full reporting is also available which unlike paper forms, can give an audit trail and history of the document.

Another major advantage of having a cloud based purchase order system is that it can be viewed remotely and via hand held devices such as tablets and smartphones. This enables users to raise or approve purchase orders off site or when working from home.

Cloud B2B solutions has recently developed a cloud based purchase order system which is available on a monthly subscription basis. Full details can be found by clicking here or by calling 0800 840 3336 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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