Why should I use a cloud document management system?

The list of reasons for using a cloud based document management system is endless but as a starting point it is worth looking at your existing practices to see how they may be putting your business at risk.

Take security for example; where do you currently store your paper documents, how easy is it to access them and who is able to access them? How do people who genuinely need to consult  documentation when working away from the office manage to do this?

How do you currently share information with external partners, customers or professional bodies? Consider how useful it would be to be able to set up a shared document area with controlled viewing rights and how it could improve customer service.

Finally, examine the number of processes involving the physical movement of paper, the length of time spent doing this and the associated costs of printing and physical storage.

A private cloud based document management system can substantially reduce security risks and mobile operating systems can facilitate access to documents from any location 24 hours a day. A simple electronic workflow within the document management system can speed up processing time, improve productivity and give savings on printing and storage costs.

A cloud based system can be up and running in no time without any involvement or support from your IT department and will, therefore, start to bring efficiencies to your business almost instantly.

For further information and advice on setting up and using a cloud based document management system please contact Cloud B2B solutions on 0800 840 3336.

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