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Helping businesses succeed and save on expenditure by utilizing the smartest VOIP communications technology, the latest handsets, the fastest broadband networks and unrivaled support with free handset upgrades included.

The Challenge

With traditional phone systems now being phased out and ISDN being replaced all companies now opt for some form of VOIP technology. Even though technology advances have been made issues still exist. The most common issues why clients approach us is still broadband issues or lack of features, poor call quality, dropped calls, poor connectionslow broadband and many Comms providers do not have the skills and qualities to understand why.

The Solution

B2B is a fully managed technology company that understands all areas not just connectivity. We understand all the fundamentals that must be taken into account to make VOIP or Broadband work efficiently and reliably. All of our engineers are fully trained and have extensive knowledge in resolving any type of issues. WE only use the most reliable networks and and we are now even the chosen partner for many other comms companies to resolve issues that they simply could not find the root cause of meaning we can deliver exceptional service and at a reduced cost restoring faith in new technologies for clients from all walks of life.

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