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Our Human Resources employee management software is custom built to suit your business, based on 2 powerful modules:

  • The HR department system that comes with full online staff record management, including document retention rules for GDPR compliance, and an online recruitment module.

  • The easy to use self service module means staff can start and send for approval, a variety of information and documentation such as Timesheets, Holiday Requests, Change of Details.
    There is also the ability for staff rotas to be published and key company policy documentation can be distributed and acknowledged as read.
    And this level of functionality is available even on smartphones.

Our online Employment Management system will give back time and control to the HR function for a range of key areas, Having secure remote access from anywhere via the internet, is a major advantage in these days of changing work patterns.

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HR Software Document Indexing
Document Indexing

Digital employee files with documentation checks and reviews

The employee management software we deliver allows HR to set up and manage staff files from recruitment phase to on-boarding. There is a full online vacancy module allowing new positions to be published on the Company's web site, that also provide automatic alerts to applicants as to status. Data can also be retained on applicants, if they agree, so that skill sets can be searched at a later date, as new positions arise.

File structures and document types are in the full control of the HR department, with in built functions to set review dates for documents and also retention rules, being available. Key documents that are required as part of the employee file e.g. passport details and photos, driving licence information etc. can be set, and alerts as to any of these that have not yet been received and uploaded, are shown as part of the HR dashboard information set.


HR Admin Dashboard
HR Admin Dashboard

Dashboard for key HR dept data to manage staff employment

Our employee management software has a configurable dashboard facility, so that on logging in to the system, key HR users can see the status of a number of important information sets.

Such as see the status of their own and the HR departments tasks, as well as employees who have outstanding key document checks that have not yet been added to their files e.g. Passport photos, C.R.B. checks etc. Also the status of current recruitment campaigns can be shown. The system will also summarise employee file documents that are due for review, or potentially deletion, ensuring GDPR compliance.
Another custom section can display the relationship for items such as overtime and sickness that will aid HR analysis of staff dynamics.


Custom HR software system for total employee management

Our private cloud HR software is hosted in the UK and is fully secure. However we can install your full system on a server at your own site, although additional installation and support costs will apply.

Clients can select to just have the HR departmental administration module, to control recruitment and build GDPR compliant employee files. However adding the self-service module delivers major efficiencies, by taking out any paper based forms. Employees submit timesheet information and can request holiday leave, change of personal details and overtime. Plus a rota publishing function is also included.

There’s also an option for an on-screen time log system to control time in and out of work, suitable for all sizes of organisation.

Self-Service - Timesheet
Self-Service - Timesheet

Self-service module – for real employee management benefits

In order to get the maximum efficiencies from our employee management software the self service module will add real savings and increase productivity, because it passes routine processes back to staff. Not only can they access their own files on line, but they can upload and submit for HR department approval a wide range of previously paper based documents.

Tasks such as the completing and of uploading timesheets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis sits with the employee and will speed up processing time, whilst still having approval controls from line managers and HR staff. The resulting data can then be exported as a CSV file for onward transmission to a payroll system or payroll service company for payment.

In addition holiday requests can be submitted, which will also workflow for approval, automatically updating employee leave entitlement. Change of detail requests (such as marital status, change of address) are also created and submitted electronically.

The system is also fully usable on smartphones with even staff rotas being published with an SMS messaging option.

Time Log system

Increase your automation of employee records with an on-screen time log system. Our system lets employees record time in and out, and breaks, from a range of devices. The software  can also record overtime, leave and sickness. Available as a stand alone module  

Employee management software customised to fit your needs

Unlike 'off the shelf' packages, we provide HR software solutions that can be customised to meet your specific requirements - and yet still at a low cost!
The employee management HR software is ideal for businesses of all sizes, and as the licence model is based on concurrency you don't need a seat licence for every employee and HR team member.

Take advantage of a free, no obligation, remote demonstration of our generic HR Software options where we can discuss your specific requirements.

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Use on multiple devices - PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones

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This means that not only are they usable by all standards of employees, but full functionality is available on all devices including smartphones. Ideal for users working remotely or on the move.