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Monitor Claim Approvals

Data within the system updates as approval action is taken on claims, allowing claim users to see the status of their claims as they change and who they are awaiting action from. If enabled, the system is also capable of sending SMS and email alerts to claim users, letting them know when their claims have been approved or rejected - and to approver users, letting them know when they have claims awaiting approval action from them. Alerts can be set up to be sent in a per claim basis or summary daily alert SMS or email messages.

Expense claim approval status can also be monitored by Finance at any time, via the expense system dashboards or expense system customisable reporting. Finance can also see all expense claims outstanding for approval and take action to escalate approval for expense claims stuck in the system (i.e. when line managers are on annual leave or off sick).

If the department manager approves the claim then it will be sent to finance to process the claim and export it as a CSV file, ready to be imported into the clients 3rd party payment software (such as Sage Accounting or Xero). This results in only fully approved expense claims being registered on the account software package.

Having only approved expense claims on the accounts package allows Finance to accurately report and manage cash flow and schedule payments to employees for approved claims. Finance can at any time run a report for the Expense System to report on claims pending submission or pending approval.

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