Is there a limit as to what I can store on line?
Technically no. We provide you initially with 20Gb of storage, enough for some 250k documents. And you can add to the storage available to you should you require.

What sort of scanner do I need?
There are many types of EDM scanner and bundled sofware on the market from A4 size scanning to units that handle A3 format with ADF and flatbed. Your choice should be based on the size and type and volume of paperwork involved. Of course you can also upload to the File It system electronic files such as PDF's or Tiff format, that you won't need a scanner for.

I've got a backlog of paper files that need storing - can you provide a scanning service?
Yes. We can provide a scanning service via our sister company - IPC document scanning. We would paper prepare scan and index the documents using our commercial high volume scanners, into your configured version of File It. You can handle the input going forward once the archive is out the way.

Can I add action notes related to information I store?
Yes. There will be an add Task function that allows you to set a task in the future with a date. Once the date arrives the system will send you an email telling you that task is due. You log into the system and take the relevant action.

Can the system be set to delete stored documents after a certain time?
You can set a date on individual documents to review or set for deletion when you bring a document into the system and index it. A delete document facility would then be used, with the user having to give an audit reason for doing so.

How long does it take to set a system up?
As the system will have set generic functionality, we simply need to agree the folders and document types you require. The indexing structure is standard. Once we have this and a list of users, their emails, and the] first invoice for the system paid, we can usually have a system available within 72 hrs.