HR software FAQs

How secure will our data be?
Your HR system - private cloud - is stored in a dedicated secure UK data centre, with high levels of access security. User access is strictly controlled through roles and permissions. Our infrastructure has gone through Penetration Testing to industry standard Crest levels. All documents uploaded are encrypted top AES 256-bit standard.

Can we have an HR system installed on one of our own servers?
Yes you can. We can supply your IT team with server set up information, and installation and testing will be carried out remotely by our team. This option will attract additional charges for installation, and annual support. User licence costs are the same.

Can I have an HR solution without the self service module?
Yes you can. You will be able to store and manage employee records from recruitment to active staff status, with alerts as to supporting information required.

Can the Time Log system be added to the Self Service module?
Yes. The Time Sheet module would be disabled in the Self Service option, and full Time Log integrated to the system. Time Log can also be purchased by itself (prices on application)

Can I export data from the system, such as timesheets?
Ours is not a payroll system, but you will be able to export data from items such as timesheets that can form the basis of the information required for upload to your payroll system, or pass to your payroll provider.

Is there a limitation on uploading documents into employee files?
No. Initial storage allowance is for 20Gb, which is sufficient for some 250k documents. You can increase the storage allocated to your system as and when required at a modest cost.

How does the Rota function operate?
A central administrator or manager will be able to publish Rotas that can be accessed by all relevant team members. Rotas will be updated in the system by the key administrator, based on other information such as approved holiday or other absence controlled in the system.