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Our Human Resources system has 2 modules to choose from

  1. The core HR department solution comes with online recruitment plus document retention functionality for digitally stored files meeting GDPR.

  2. Add the self-service module that means staff can create and submit Timesheets, Holiday Requests, even Change of details, for approval, and more.

An online Human Resource system will help the way HR run and manage their function, saving both time and money. With self service comes the most powerful way to digitally transform how staff and management interact - even on smartphones.

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HR Software Document Indexing
Document Indexing

Digital employee files with GDPR compliance functions

Using our online Human Resources system, the HR department sets up digital employee files, including all relevant information from recruitment phase to full employment.

Being fully electronic our digital human resources systems can be accessed from any location (with an internet connection) 24 x 7. The system features customised document structures, so documents such as C.R.B. checks, passports, driving licences and accreditations, as well as performance reviews, can be stored into the correct locations in each employee file.

HR can also add document types as required, such as  training and disciplinary records, and can also set document review and deletion dates to meet GDPR standards.

HR Admin Dashboard
HR Admin Dashboard

Opening dynamic dashboards for upcoming actions

The dashboard can be set as the standard opening screen for HR department users. This is dynamic and can show key information of upcoming actions.

Users have an overview of the status of tasks (their own and all departmental tasks), plus key information such as employees who currently have incomplete document checks. Plus items such as employee documents that are due for review, or deletion are displayed; this will ensure that the HR department keeps up to date with employee record retention.

The HR system also gives an overview applicants in a recruitment status of pending or declined. An additional custom facility can display relational information such as sickness and overtime.


An HR system - customised for each clients needs

Clients can have the HR departmental administration module alone, so that HR staff can control recruitment and build GDPR compliant employee files, which will have large parts custom built to suit that business's needs.

By adding the self-service module, the system provides the full range of efficiencies and savings a modern HR function requires. Paper based forms can be eradicated entirely as staff submit time sheets, holiday leave requests and change of personal details on line. Also included is a rota function that can be published to relevant department members is also included, even using SMS messaging.

Our HR systems are fully secure and hosted in the UK . We can install your customised system on a server at your DMZ; this will attract additional installation and support costs.

As an add on to the full HR system, there is a time log system to control staff start and finish times, suitable for all sizes of organisation (see below)

Self-Service - Timesheet
Self-Service - Timesheet

Self-service - the module that provides maximum efficiencies

Self service allows staff to workflow key sets of information on line, saving the HR function time and ensuring greater accuracy. And staff can access their own files on line, and complete and submit a wide range of previously paper based information.

A major efficiency with the system is with staff using on line time sheets, created daily, weekly or monthly which are submitted for approval, even on smart phones. Approved data can be exported as a CSV file for onward transmission to a payroll system or provider.

On line holiday requests start with staff having up to date leave entitlement shown at the point of creation, before they submit a request. Change of details (such as marital status, home and bank details) are also submitted electronically for HR approval and file update..


On line log in / log out system

The time log system lets employees record in and out timings including breaks. This system can replace the time sheet function in the self-service module or can be purchased separately.

A GDPR compliant system to fit your specific needs

Our HR system is ideal for businesses of all sizes, even if you have no formal HR department. You can set up and alter the retention rules for each document type to keep up with the latest GDPR or in house company rules, allowing review dates to be set with auto alerts.

We offer free, no obligation, remote demonstrations of our generic HR system options and will also be able to discuss your specific requirements.

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Use on multiple devices - PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones

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This means that not only are they usable by all standards of employees, but full functionality is available on all devices including smartphones. Ideal for users working remotely or on the move.