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API link for Xero available for Cloud B2B’s Purchase Order and Supplier invoice system

Standard functionality in the Purchase Order and Invoice Approval system allows customised data to be exported from the system e.g. approved supplier invoices and credit notes, with easy input to any modern accounts system for payment.

However the growing number of Xero accounts system users – including Cloud B2B themselves- led to the development of a full API link so that the relevant data is automatically synchronised in Xero. This means achieving virtually a real time connection between the 2 systems without user intervention.

In addition, users in Xero can connect via an onscreen button on the Xero page, to view the actual invoices or credit notes stored in the cloud B2B system.

Dan Page (Head of System Deployment) commented “ We built the API link in our own in house systems first to prove the concept, and have recently successfully installed the same facility for an existing  services client who moved from SAGE to Xero. We will be able to provide similar links to other major accounts system in the near future”.

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