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Group Tasks function now available

Through practical experience, high volume systems such as Purchasing and Human Resources have needed some more flexibility. Usually there are valid and set workflow approvals for information, such as Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, and in HR dealing with areas such as candidate CV’s. But volumes or the availability of approvers or key departmental users at specific times has led to the addition of a Group approval function to assist in these circumstances.
Responsibilities for approving such tasks can now be allocated to a group of users, in addition to standard approvers e.g. a group of Company Directors. Outstanding tasks can be routed to that group of individuals, and then any person in the Group can take ownership themselves, of a task, which is then removed from the group list.

G Light (CloudB2B Director) said “in busy organisations, speed of action can be key. Adding in the Group facility will ensure tasks are dealt with in a timely fashion, whether it’s Purchasing, or HR related”

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