New Colour Icons Design Set Revealed

As part of the ever evolving Purchase Order software suite, Cloud B2B solutions has commissioned the design of a new set of icons for their range of powerful Cloud systems. These feature a new uniform design and colour range, which with a new background colour scheme, provides a sharper more defined look and feel to the software functionality.

Pam Roberts (Marketing Manager) commented ‘ Whilst the existing icons were OK, we were mindful of the way interfaces for new internet based systems are being portrayed, and using colours to differentiate functionality makes it easier for our system users to focus on what they require to do. We have had excellent reaction from both existing and new potential clients, who will be taking advantage of the latest UI upgrade which features the new icons. We will be updating the website to feature the new screens, but in the meantime the screen shots below should give website visitors an overview.’

Home Screen

Generic functionality

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