New Out of Office Function

Yes, even those approving Purchase Orders or Supplier invoices for payment have holidays! 
And whilst you only need internet access to be able to log onto our POPIA systems (so could continue using the system from anywhere in the world) there are predictable times when you are going to be away from the office such as holidays or on business.

To cater for this Cloud B2B solutions have added a new function – Out of Office- which allows relevant staff to default their approval tasks, for a set period of time to other team members, who have the same approval rights.

Daniel Page (Cloud B2B’s Customer Support & Systems Developer) commented:
‘Whilst we have an admin tool option that allows a client administrator to take single tasks off users in the case of unpredicted absence e.g. sickness, this new function is ideal for larger clients, as the control sits with the user. Whilst they are absent, approval tasks will move across to a colleague automatically, for a set period, so the ordering or invoice approval processing within the system is not held up. At the out of office end date, tasks automatically revert to the primary user.’

The new function is available in new system releases, 5.5.8a onwards.

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