New ‘Outstanding Tasks’ Alert feature

Cloud B2B solutions is pleased to announce a new function that will now be available in the generic Purchase Order and Invoice Approval systems.

Actions such as approving Purchase Orders, or Supplier invoices, or other actions, are sent to individual user’s Tasks folder in the systems, with an email alert being sent to the individual, as to the action required.

However for some clients, staff have been a little ‘slow’ to clear their tasks, due to the volume of the Tasks themselves or other business pressures.

The new function will be a daily alert that will remind users of the number of Tasks that are as yet not cleared in their folder, and the email will have an embedded link to the POP/IA system, so users can go direct to the system and take action. The new function can be run at the beginning or end of a day, and will continue as long as users have uncleared Tasks.

Dan Page (Customer Services Controller) commented. ‘Whilst the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water…’ still applies, this additional daily alert is a proactive timely reminder for all users of actions sitting uncleared in their Tasks folders. A number of clients have commented on how useful this may be, so we are delighted to now have this available- I must admit I’ve found it useful myself!’

The new function will be rolled out to existing clients over the next few weeks.

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