Stagecoach commission a custom Invoice Approval system

Stagecoach Group’s Rail Business Development team were faced with many challenges in terms of approving invoices in paper format as approvers were not always on site to manually sign them off. In addition to this, authorised invoices then had to be sent for payment to their Head Office in Perth. The greatest problem was that suppliers were not being paid on time which led to frustration for all parties concerned.

Having found the Cloud B2B website the RBD’s Finance Manager contacted the company to discuss their requirements and this resulted in Cloud B2B Solutions designing a Purchase Invoice Approval system which would cater for their needs.

Using workflow, the whole purchase invoice approval process was automated with up to five levels of approvers. Invoices can be approved, rejected or queried and notes can be added for explanations of actions taken. Additional benefits include speed, traceability and auditability.

Cloud B2B Solutions’ Marketing Manager, Pam Roberts, commented: ‘Stagecoach is a high profile company and we are particularly pleased to have been able to help them improve their business processes. Our development team at Cloud B2B Solutions has a very flexible way of working and aim always to deliver a solution that works for each of our clients.’

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