Staff Rota Publishing

In today’s more complex working environment, changes dependent on staff availability and production needs, means working patterns for staff of all types has, and will continue to need to be adapted.

For many companies, Rotas showing what staff are working on which days and at what times is crucial to planning production and other processes – not only for the organisation, but also for staff for them to be able to manage working and home environment needs. In the past Rotas have been sheets published on a notice board, which obviously has major limitations  With HR Online, managers can import and publish Rotas as a spreadsheet or PDF that can then be published to all staff or individual teams. Being electronic, staff can be alerted to the existence of an updated Rota via email or if that route is not available, an SMS message can be sent to their mobile. In this way staff are always up to date with their forthcoming commitments at work.

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