Purchase Order and Purchase To Pay Systems FAQs


When I log into the system, is there a dashboard summary available ?

Yes. Each user will have a customised dashboard of key information presented to them on log in, dependant on the roles and permissions that they have in the system. Typically this will be in graphical and table form, such as My Outstanding Tasks, Outstanding Purchase Orders, broken down by type, which can then be accessed directly from this screen. There will also be information on the status of budgets (allocated, used and remaining) and any that are on a budget watch list, or due to expire. Power / Finance users will have access to system wide versions of the data.

Can we have multiple companies on the same system ?

Yes you can. The main Purchase Order and Purchase to Pay systems have the capability of admin users being able to add new entities (companies) plus branches and departments as required, themselves, thereby keeping pace with business expansion. And each new company can have different workflow rules for the approval of items created, as well as different logos on the purchase order template.

Can I export data into my accounts system?

Yes you can. Meta data such as approved and sent Purchase Orders, and in our purchase to pay version,  PO matched and approved supplier invoices and credit notes, can be exported as a CSV file. Accounts systems such as SAGE, Xero and Quick Books all have the facility to import CSV file data, and the export from our system would match the required format columns and headings in your version of your accounts system, for accurate import.

Can we create Purchase Orders with different budgets for different ordered lines

With our systems, each item line on a digital purchase order can have a different budget allocation. In addition created budgets can have different nominal codes or cost centres associated, meaning even more accurate allocation of funds, and the user does not have to contend with knowing which codes should be used.

Do your Purchase Order systems have goods receipting ?

There is a full goods receipting function, allowing for part, full and bulk line receipting against open Purchase Orders by supplier. The system knows which purchase orders for which suppliers have open lines for receipting, and will automatically close PO's when fully receipted.

Does the Purchase Order software allow us to add and change user profiles ourselves ?

Admin users can not only add new users with defined roles and access permissions, as new staff are employed, but can change existing users profiles, as their job position or function changes.

Can I add new suppliers myself?

We will import your existing suppliers via a template we provide you with. You can then add new suppliers, plus additional delivery and invoice addresses via the Add Item icon.There is also the ability to set up different terms and conditions for suppliers that become part of the PO sent to suppliers.

How is the approved PO sent to suppliers?

Once the PO has been through the full approval process the system converts the template into a PDF and emails it automatically to the nominated contact at the supplier. The PO creator has the option to receive a copy of the final PO when it has been dispatched.

Are there limits to the Purchase Order approval workflow stages?

No. We set up the workflows to suit your business. For most client systems Purchase Order approval workflows are based on type of order and value, but the delivered system can have as many as required (this may add to the set up costs depending on complexity)

Can I order multiple lines on a Purchase Order?

Yes. You can order as many different lines as you require. Being web based the system also allows the use of cut & paste, so you can copy lines (say) from an online catalogue and put them into the description field, saving time.

Can I set up supplier contract prices for goods or services?

Yes. There is a Price Module that allows clients to set up descriptions and prices that PO creators can load at PO line level- they just fill in the quantity, helping speed up the PO process.

Can I have different fields on the templates when raising a PO?

Yes. For example the Finance tab can have more (or less) fields to allocate items being ordered against - in the generic system the fields are cost centres, departments and nominal codes; normally these would be powered from drop down lists that clients supply us with and the field names can be customised to individual client needs.

How easy is it to upload Invoices and supporting documents?

A lot of invoices and supporting documents come in to organisations as electronic files / attachments such as PDF’s these days, but you can also just scan the paper copy if that’s what arrives. You simply save the relevant document(s) to an accessible directory and use the 2 system icons – Upload Documents and Index documents - too bring them into the system, and apply the relevant meta data (indexing) to each as appropriate. Invoices can then be automatically routed back to the PO creator for action, or approved at Finance level with relevant rules. Supporting documents (including invoices) will be available as related documents to the relevant PO.

Is there a Budget Control module available?

Yes. The purchase order software has a Budget Control Module that allows clients to set up themselves (via Add Item icon) departmental or individual budgets on a periodical basis. PO’s can then be raised by authorised users up to the budget level; however if the PO exceeds the budget level, the system will not allow the PO to be raised and the user will need to refer to a departmental manager. There is also the option to add a time ‘cut off’ for the availability of a budget, giving an additional level of control. At any time a breakdown on all budget status (amount used, amount remaining) is available as a Saved Search and a Report.

What are the storage limits for a system?

The base system comes with 20Gb storage- which by the way equates to some 250k documents- but you can elect to increase the storage in 1Gb increments at a small monthly cost.

What happens if we need to alter the system after go live?

You advise us of the changes and we will respond with a quote for the time to develop, test and then make live under Change Management. To go ahead we will need a relevant Purchase Order or payment in advance.

How does the user licensing work?

The licence model is based on concurrent users. Concurrency means you can have as many potential users as you like - the number of sessions available at any one instance is limited to the number of licences purchased (minimum starting level is 3 concurrent users) Click here for the full guide.

Where is my information hosted?

The Purchase Order systems are held in a secure UK Data centre located in Maidenhead (UK). The server your system will be on has a dedicated Cisco hardware firewall + local Windows firewall. SSL certification is also provided to each client. All client data, as an additional backup is sent daily to a separate secure facility (UK Acronis facility).

What is the minimum subscription period?

Your subscription is for a minimum of 24 months. You can give notice in writing no less than 90 days from the date of the first 24 month anniversary, to cease the service. At the end of the period, you can elect to have your data transferred out (cost for this service will be determined on notice). If you elect not to extract the data the information will be deleted from our system 14 days from the end of the period. If you do not serve notice as above, the agreement will roll over for a further 24 months thereafter, until notice is served.

How secure is the system?

Purchase Orders OnLine solutions are fully secure using individual client system SSL certification. SSL is an encrypted communication channel that renders all transactions between your browser and our servers impenetrable. The encryption takes place on your computer, allowing you to safely use the Purchase Order software from all Internet connections, home, office, or public connection. In common with all Internet activity you should however remain vigilant and observe sensible operational practices when using computers in public spaces. Every customer has their own database instance to ensure data isolation, meaning that no two customers will have their data stored in the same tables. We provide encryption as standard so your physical documents are protected (to AES 256-bit  standard).

Can we host the system ourselves?

Yes. We can provide clients with details of server specifications to host the Purchase Order and Invoice Approval system. Clients however should be aware that they will have to support the infrastructure including back ups themselves, and Client installed systems will attract an installation charge and a higher annual support fee, dependent on the size of system and number of users.

What support is provided for the system?

Support (working week) is provided via our dedicated online Web Portal, enabling nominated Client staff to filter and then report potential faults, with associated screen shots. The system is also used to request any changes you want to the system e.g. to users. Nominated users can also check their account and invoice details via the portal. With each system you get an allowance of hours that you can use for any issue (note: genuine software issues are not deducted from the support bank)

Do you have any other products or systems ?

There are other products in the Documents OnLine portfolio including Contracts Management and HR OnLine. To get more information return to our home page. Our sister company The IPC Group also has a wide range of Information management services and solutions which can be found at ipcgroup.co.uk