Award winning managed print service

Reduce your overheads, manage your print infrastructure and increase productivity with our tailor-made Managed Print Services solutions. With no long term contracts we challenge you to beat our prices.

The Challenge

The photocopier industry gained a reputation for unscrupulous salesmen and terrible ethical standards. Printer and photocopy businesses seemed to be competing for who could produce the most ludicrous and misleading contracts. Unfortunately trusting and unsuspecting customers often find themselves trapped with far higher costs than they thought they’d signed up for.

The Solution

Our focus is on honesty and professionalism. Our contracts have no hidden agendas and the price we quote is the price you pay guaranteed. Further to this we always cut costs as we use a consultative approach to provide the right equipment and software that links seamlessly to your business systems. That’s why some of our original customers are still us and why our large customer base is constantly growing.

We have a team of experienced sales people backed up by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, all providing customers with advice when buying, leasing and renting. B2b look after the machines to ensure that they don’t let our customers down. Our team is fully committed to providing preventative maintenance on all the equipment provided. We understand the frustration that downtime brings, so we provide scheduled, proactive service calls to clean, adjust and replace parts, and even ink to stop potential problems before they even happen.

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