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Choose from 4 purchase order management software solutions:

  • A simple PO system (suitable for small business's)
  • A full Purchase Order system with custom information dashboards, workflows, reports and budgetary function
  • Our main Purchase to Pay system with customised approved supplier invoice export to clients accounts system
  • A complete Purchase to Pay version with Stock Control module (coming soon)

All our systems are based on a concurrent user licence model (not a cost per user)  

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What people say:

We chose Cloud B2B to provide a tailored Purchase Order Management System for 5 of our key departments, including Hong Kong, because we liked their flexibility of approach and the low cost of deployment
Mamas & Papas

For companies of all sizes, controlling the purchasing process by going digital, will save money and time

Purchase order management software helps organisations of all sizes and nature to take control of the procurement process. resulting in better financial controls being established, that in turn will not only save money, but will improve supplier relationships. We even have a starter 'simple' PO system that will cater for small or start up companies, that's up gradable to our more comprehensive solutions.

And with our main systems, a wide range of customisation is included as standard, such as opening dashboard information, workflow approvals, searches, reports and the export of key data. In the Purchase To Pay version this will be approved supplier invoices and credits. All procurement can be run in our system, with custom data being easily imported as a CSV file to a target accounts system, such as SAGE or Xero, for those systems to just pay the relevant approved invoices.

Our monthly licence model for our purchase order management software is based on concurrency, not seat - so you don't need a licence for each individual who would access the system!

Our private UK based Cloud B2B Purchase order management software systems provide you with a wide range of features and functions (see

So if you'd like to improve your purchasing process, take advantage of a free, remote demonstration of our generic PO software solutions when we can also discuss your specific business needs.


Create Purchase Order - Step 1

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An on screen purchase order in just 2 easy steps !

  1. Choose the entity
    The supplier
    Add special instructions and justification (if reqd.)
    Delivery Date plus payment method

  2. Order as many line items as you like
    Even allocate lines to different budgets and financial codes
    Save to complete later or put on workflow approval straight away
Purchase Order Document

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Custom purchase order workflow management

  • The digital purchase order template is created with internal status (in red) and goes on custom built approval workflow
  • All designated approvers can reject, cancel or approve PO's, with auditable comments
  • Only Purchase Order creators can amend PO's and re submit for approval
  • Once fully approved the PO is automatically email'd to the supplier
Purchase Order Report

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Purchasing Order Management Software - Custom Searches Reports and data export functions

  • Searches and reports are custom designed for each customer
  • Global - quick find- Search covers all system meta data
  • Approved supplier invoices / credits can be exported for import to client's accounts system in the full P2P version

See many more functions that our purchase order management software has to offer at our our no obligation, free software demo!

Our UK cloud based range of purchase order management solutions have much more to offer in terms of functionality  including the ability to upload and Indexing supporting documents to a purchase order . Plus additional longer documents can be sent to the supplier with an approved Purchase Order

As part of system set up for our main PO and P2P solutions, we import all your current suppliers, cost centres, departments, nominal codes. There is also the function to upload supplier price lists and descriptions to make raising purchase orders easier and give further expenditure controls.

For all our Purchase order management software, training is provided using videos based on the approved test system. The annual support package automatically has a number of hours to use for small system changes. Support is via a special support portal, available to designated admin users.

So why not contact us to book a free online purchase order demonstration with a system specialist - use our contact form or call us freephone on 0800 840 3336 - you've nothing to lose and much to potentially gain!

Download Purchase Orders Datasheet

Download Cloud B2B Datasheet

Use on multiple devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet, Net Book, and Smartphones







This means that not only are they usable by all standards of employees, but full functionality is available on all devices including smartphones. Ideal for users working remotely or on the move.

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