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2 modules in our Human Resources software system - custom built to suit your business

  1. A core HR department solution with online recruitment and full document retention functionality for GDPR compliance.

  2. A self-service module allowing staff to complete and submit Timesheets, Holiday Requests, Change of details, even working Rotas, and more.
    They also have the ability to upload information to support their digital HR file.

Our online Human Resource software will revolutionise the way HR control and manage their function, saving both time and money. With self service comes the most powerful way to digitally transform how staff and management interact - even on smartphones.

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For more information on our H.R.I. systems, download the data sheets below.

HR Software Document Indexing
Document Indexing

Create employee files with full documentation checks

With our HR software, you can easily set up employee files, from recruitment phase to on-boarding as employees. Using the inbuilt job vacancy function, jobs can be published on the company website with auto alerts to applicants. Relevant supporting documents, such as CVs, can be uploaded and stored which can be searchable in the future if applicants allow them to be retained.

Employee files will be fully electronic using our digital human resources software, which will be built up over time using our customised document structures. For example important documents will be stored such as C.R.B. checks, passports, driving licences and accreditations, as well as performance reviews and much more.

You can add all types of documents into the relevant sections, including training and disciplinary files, and set document review and deletion dates to meet GDPR standards.

HR Admin Dashboard
HR Admin Dashboard

Custom dashboards for key employment management information

The dashboard facility presents HR users with key information based on the meta data in the system software.

The status of tasks that they need to resolve for both themselves and the department are shown, as well as key employee document checks (items outstanding). The dashboard will also  indicate employee documents that are due for review, or deletion ensuring that the HR department are kept up to date with GDPR issues.

Also available in graphical format are details of those in a recruitment and applicants with their status e.g. pending and declined. Information that is relational e.g. comparing sick and overtime claims can also be displayed.


Customised HR software system for employee record management

Our private cloud HR software is hosted in the UK and is fully secure. However we can install your full system on a server at your own site, although additional installation and support costs will apply.

Clients can select to just have the HR departmental administration module, to control recruitment and build GDPR compliant employee files. However adding the self-service module delivers major efficiencies, by taking out any paper based forms. Employees submit time sheet information and can request holiday leave, change of personal details and overtime. Plus a rota publishing function is also included.

There’s also an option for an on-screen time log system to control time in and out of work, suitable for all sizes of organisation.

Self-Service - Timesheet
Self-Service - Timesheet

Self-service online staff time sheets, leave requests etc.

Self service provides real productivity increases, by allowing staff to access their own files on line, and complete and submit a wide range of previously paper based information.

Time sheets can be filled in, daily, weekly or monthly on line and submitted for approval, even on smart phones. Once approved the data can be exported as a CSV file for onward transmission to a payroll system or provider.

Holiday requests with staff having updated leave entitlement shown at the point of creation, will also workflow for approval.
Change of detail requests (such as marital status, home and bank details) are also digitally handled, for HR to confirm and update on the employee file.

Staff rotas can also be published as required, with an SMS messaging option.

Staff Time Log system

Our on-screen time log system lets employees record time in and out, and breaks, from a range of devices. They can also record overtime, leave and sickness. This system can replace the time sheet function in the self-service module or can be purchased separately.

HR Software Questions And Answers

What is HRM software?

HRM software - also known as HCM (Human Capital Management software), is used to play a pivotal role in providing a digital transformation of the whole HR function. The role of HR is to recruit, manage and develop employees in line with the organisation’s needs. HRM software will help make the control of all these key HR functions faster and more efficient, as well as ensuring the timely deployment of company standards, procedures, guidelines, policies and wellbeing advice. HRM software will also be adept at storing all staff information, in a digital format, in a secure structure.

What does HR software cost?

Most systems, after initial set up costs, work on a per licence (seat) per user who have access to the system i.e. each registered user must have a licence on a monthly or annual basis. There will be discounts for higher levels of users, and whilst a per user cost can look small, this applies whether the person is a frequent or infrequent user. An alternative is a concurrent user model for those using the system. Here the number of licences ordered relate to the number of instantaneous actions being processed by the system server. For example, in a company where there are 40 users in total, a licence pool of only 10 may well be sufficient, as not everyone would be trying to use the system at the same time, which could well be cheaper than a per seat licence. Also check to see if the vendor publishes prices up front, rather than relying on supplying your details that then transform into a ‘quote’!

What sort of HR software would best suit my company?

Most companies these days will look towards a secure private UK cloud based system, for  access, support and cost benefits. Also known as’ Software- as- a- Service’, the software vendor or service supplier will be responsible for the updating and hosting of your system as well as security. Another advantage for companies with more than one country location is that Cloud offers easier access and commonality. You can of course elect to have the software installed on a server platform in your own IT infrastructure (DMZ), noting that this will incur internal IT costs for support.

No two businesses are the same, so a system you select should offer a level of customisation on top of the standard features and functions that you would expect, so that the final system mirrors the way your organisation wishes to work, and be adaptable for the future.

Should the HR software support a recruitment module?

Ideally yes. By having recruitment as part of the HR solution, positions can be created internally and then published on your company website. Potential applicants have the ability to fill out on screen application forms and these can be accompanied by CV’s – or even short videos that are becoming ‘vogue’. Applications can then be automatically imported into the system for action by HR, and responses sent to applicants to keep them informed as to the status / progress of their application.

Will HR Software cover GDPR requirements?

The software should enable HR to set relevant review or retention rules for all document types that make up an online digital HR file for all employees. Once set, the rules will automatically apply which can then be altered by HR in line with changes to GDPR or internal company rules. Individual documents within sections should also have the option to add review dates, as well as the overall rules that are set. HRM software should also have the ability to export in standard file format an employee’s personal file when they leave and apply the ‘right to be forgotten’ status.

Can small businesses benefit from HRM Software?

Every company of any size can gain efficiencies and even cost savings using HRM system software. Whether you are a ‘one person band’ in terms of the HR function, or have a team of people looking after staff interests, HR online systems can make complex and detailed tasks much easier, and faster to handle. Just keeping your employee files automatically up to date with GDPR legislation, would justify the cost of a system alone. And moving traditional paper based practices such as time sheet completion and approval to online forms with the ability to extract data into payroll systems, is just another example of the benefits.

GDPR compliant HR software to fit your needs

We provide comprehensive online HR software solutions that allow you to customise document type structures and create alerts for action. The HR software is ideal for businesses of all sizes, even if you have no formal HR department.

Take advantage of a free, no obligation, remote demonstration of our generic HR Software options where we can discuss your specific requirements.

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This means that not only are they usable by all standards of employees, but full functionality is available on all devices including smartphones. Ideal for users working remotely or on the move.