• It will improve efficiency.
  • It will reduce costs.
  • Overall, it will better manage your whole procurement process.

By ditching your old paper-based processes and even spreadsheets, a company will see major advantages in streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, improving visibility and control over spending. This will enable you to make more informed decisions and achieve better results for the organisation and all its employees.

  • It ensures that your organisation is able to acquire the goods and services it needs to operate effectively, while also keeping costs under control.
  • An automated purchase orders system will give your supplier clear instructions about the detail of items ordered, including quantity, costs, delivery location and dates, avoiding misinterpretation, duplication and time delays.
  • Using internal purchasing approval workflow, you can ensure that you are only purchasing what you need, and not wasting resources on unnecessary purchases.
  • With budget controls implemented the purchase order software will ensure there is no overspending.
  • By providing Increased transparency the PO system helps improve accountability and reduces risks such as fraud or mismanagement.
  • It will enhance supplier relationships and management of those relationships with clearer and more accurate purchasing processes.
  • Full budgetary control for company, departmental or project purchases, with full visibility of allocated, spent and remaining totals, visible for anyone raising purchase requisitions.
  • Save time - User friendly interface providing ease of use for all levels of employees.
  • Customised approval workflows for purchases to suit your business, with approve, reject or cancel options at each step in the workflow.
  • Online electronic system - Access to the purchase order system from any location 24 x 7
  • Ability to set budgets by company, department or project, and make them fiscal if required.
  • Clear, configurable and customised reporting across all data.
  • Supplier price list importing and updates with product and best price searching across multiple suppliers.
  • Goods receipting (with or without a physical document).
  • Correct allocation of nominal codes and cost centres to purchases.
  • Export of data for approved supplier invoices and credit notes in the purchase order and supplier invoice system version for import to your accounts system
  • Configurable user roles and permissions for controlling data viewing and actions.
  • Cloud based purchasing software should be hosted in a secure data centre with full back up resilience and relevant security accreditations, preferably in a private UK based facility. An option for the application to be installed and hosted on a server in the clients own DMZ should also be available.
  • Ability to use of the electronic purchase orders software on multiple devices including smart phones, to suit both office and remote site working circumstances.
  • Rate supplier performance function for all purchase transactions with audit for regular review to assist in supplier management.
  • Scalability- ensuring that the purchase order system will suit small businesses and corporates alike, allowing for development in the future.

See and discuss these and many more functions that our
system can offer with a free remote demonstration
(which we record so you can share with colleagues)

Range of 3 Products To Suit All Requirements

Range of 3 Products To Suit All Requirements

  • Simple POP (non customisable) ideal for small organisations or start ups
  • Full Purchase Order system with Goods Receipting incl. custom screens, reports, workflows
  • Purchase to Pay version that also includes approved supplier invoice exports and credit notes
  • Stock control module available later in 2020

Add new Companies / Branches / Projects

Add new Companies / Branches / Projects

  • Admin control function for power users
  • As business changes or expands, new branches / departments / projects can be added
  • Also new entities (additional companies) can[nbsp] be set up on the same platform

Full Budget Control Module

Full Budget Control Module

  • Budgets can be set for individual projects, departments or company wide
  • Open (up to level set) or fiscal limitations added
  • Access to budgets controlled for users by their role in the company
  • No more overspends. Finance control budget allocation and changes.

Full Goods Receipting Function

Full Goods Receipting Function

  • Any nominated users can receipt goods against Purchase Orders
  • System automatically presents only open PO lines for receipting
  • Caters for full or part receipting with auditable notes facility
  • Line or bulk receipting facility included

Custom Exports For Import To Accounts system

Custom Exports For Import To Accounts system

  • Meta data can be exported from the full PO and P2P systems as a CSV file
  • For example in the Purchase to Pay version approved supplier invoices and credit notes
  • Ideal for onward import to customers accounts system e.g SAGE / Xero / Quick Books
  • Columns and headings are all custom built to match target system

Easy Purchase Order Raising

Easy Purchase Order Raising

  • First select your Supplier, Budget, Delivery details etc.
  • Second add as many lines of individual items as you need (see screen shots below)
  • Save, review and send for internal approval when ready
  • Attach supporting documents and even documents to go to the supplier

Custom Approval Workflows

Custom Approval Workflows

  • Internal approval workflows for Purchase Orders are custom built as standard
  • Based on values, departments individuals, or a combination
  • Each approver has approve, reject and cancel options
  • Fully approved PO's go as PDF's automatically to the supplier.

Supplier Price List Import

Supplier Price List Import

  • Where you have price lists agreed with suppliers, import these with full descriptions
  • Makes raising a Purchase Order faster and more accurate
  • Each import overwrites existing, so always working on the latest version
  • Option to restrict to list items or set individual items as opposed whole lists

Rate Supplier Performance

Rate Supplier Performance

  • Ability to rate a supplier performance for each and every purchase
  • Rate between 1-5 and give an audit trail reason for the score
  • Review performances and reasons regularly and get suppliers to take action
  • Overview of performances available on opening dashboards

Template Import facility

Template Import facility

  • Template service for import of key data as part of set up
  • Lists of current suppliers, cost centres, nominal codes and delivery [&] invoice addresses
  • Admin tools allow power users to add / disable on a one for one basis

Supports Multi Currency

Supports Multi Currency

  • Any standard currency can be supported as long as decimal places are used
  • The system uses a direct feed with H.M.R.C for regular currency conversion updates
  • Budgets and key financial data is retained in Sterling in the system

Archive Data From Current Systems

Archive Data From Current Systems

  • Data from existing client software systems maybe imported
  • The Archive section will bring standard data format into the solution
  • Meaning continuity of access to past information

Multiple Search options

Multiple Search options

  • Systems have a wide variety of search facilities
  • All meta data can be queried and reported on
  • Global search on the home screen provides a 'quick find' option

Tasks Email Alert plus Daily Reminder

Tasks Email Alert plus Daily Reminder

  • Every task is notified to users by email for them to action
  • Email gives outline details of the action required, and the user logs in to execute
  • Each day (am) the system sends reminders for any outstanding tasks

Out Of Office Function

Out Of Office Function

  • If users who receive tasks are away or on leave out of office can be set
  • Users selects a relevant colleague who will handle the work
  • On return the system automatically resumes sending tasks to the prime user

Choice of Languages

Choice of Languages

  • Option for changing core data structures and labelling
  • From English to most standard languages
  • Additional set up costs will apply
  • Opening dashboards with key system status
  • All actions and tasks communicated to users using email (with daily reminders)
  • Comprehensive user controls (add new, change existing user roles and status)
  • Out of Office and re-assign task functions
  • Vendor management using supplier performance rating and comprehensive reporting tools.
  • Multi level security of access to the system incl. MFA
  • Add supporting documents for internal approval such as quotations PLUS add external documents to accompany an approved PO (such as drawings / spreadsheets etc.) that support the purchase requirements.
  • Create approval groups for busy departments or Directors, so anyone in the group can manage a task.
  • Add new suppliers, new company branches and departments at administration level.

Digital Purchase Order System Questions and Answers

Is your cloud based Purchase Order system easy to use?

Yes. Our clients are spread across all types and sizes of business and have found the Purchase Order system intuitive and easy to use.
We also supply videos of the final version of each client’s system for training purposes, together with workflow diagrams of how the supplied system works. These are found under the 'Help' section in each system and are available at all times for all users.

How does the approval process work in your Purchase Order Software?

The workflow process should match the internal rules the company wishes to adopt:

  • For example, orders for items below a certain value may not require formal approval – noting that full visibility to orders placed is always available.
  • Or all orders should have an approval process maybe based on the organisation’s structure, or value, with finance perhaps being last in the approval chain internally.
  • At each stage approvers can see full details of the proposed purchase, including supporting documents and have the option to approve, cancel or reject a PO. This enables an internal ‘conversation’ between users to ensure the validity of the finally approved purchase order.
  • Once set, these rules are changeable as part of the admin control available in the system.

For ease, once an approval task is initiated, the system immediately emails the next person in the approval chain to alert them to action.

What do your clients say about your online purchase order software solutions and support?

Here are a couple of quotes from clients who enjoy the benefits of our purchase order system software:

“Cloud B2B worked with us to set up a bespoke, end-to-end system for managing our internal purchase orders. A simple, user-friendly process, which is flexible and easy to use, it allows us to easily monitor our POs, and includes helpful statuses and budget details. The Search Tool, in particular, is incredibly useful.

Cloud B2B’s customer service is excellent. Every query is dealt with quickly and efficiently, nothing is too much trouble and it is clear they really care about providing an excellent and accessible service. We have found they are pro-active in their support of the changing needs of our business”

“We have used the purchase order system for circa.18 months now. The system is simple, user friendly and reliable. It allows us to pull off all the reports and data we need, as well as giving us an approval workflow for POs within our team. The team are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, responding to help desk queries very quickly, and are always on hand to help”

Does an automated cloud based purchase order system help with supplier relations?

An effective electronic purchase order system can also help you to improve your relationships with suppliers. By clearly communicating your purchasing requirements, you can build strong, long-lasting partnerships that can benefit your business for years to come. Additionally, by using a robust purchasing management system, you can automate many of the manual processes involved in purchasing, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

How much are your purchasing order management systems?

Pricing will depend on the solution you want – we are happy to send you our full price list at any point.

In summary we charge a one-off system set up fee which is based on a signed off system specification, and will include a host of standard customisations such as reports, workflows, PO template and company logos.

After that there is just an annual software fee (which includes hours of usable time) and a monthly recurring licence fee for users.

How does your UK purchase order software user licencing work?

Our purchase order software solution is based on a concurrent user model. This is a type of licencing that allows multiple users to access the PO software simultaneously, as long as the number of users accessing the software at any given time does not exceed the number of concurrent user licences that have been purchased. This is in contrast to individual seat licensing, which requires a separate licence for each user who will be accessing the software, whether they use it or not.

What if we want to make changes to the purchase order system, after it goes live?

Businesses evolve, as does the need to make alterations to systems to accommodate them. In these cases we can help our clients make practical changes after their purchase ordering system has been in use for a while.

Each system comes with a usable support ‘bank’ of a number of hours which can be used to make small changes to a supplied solution. If the changes required are more fundamental, we would quote for the development work in advance under Change Management with full details and costings to test and deploy.

Is your cloud based purchase order system an app?

No. However you can use the PO system perfectly well on a smart phone, as the system will re-scale itself to the smaller screen size- this will involve more scrolling. Users would normally use a phone for approving items such as Purchase Orders or Invoices. We would recommend using tablet size devices (7 inch) and above for raising PO’s.

Can you provide a higher level of customisation of your PO software to suit our business?

Yes. As we developed the core digital purchase order software application from scratch ourselves, we can accommodate any level of additional customisation. This would increase the set up charge and possibly the annual support cost. Clients would always need to sign off full documentation related to customisation and the associated costs, beyond the normal. We pride ourselves in providing practical business tailored solutions.

We are also involved in producing totally bespoke software solutions for clients, still using the same basic system framework.

How to set up a purchase order system that staff will use?

By involving key users at an early stage, they will feel the benefits of inclusion in the process of setting up a purchase order platform, and potentially become advocates to other staff members. In our experience they will often contribute important observations that ensure that all practical elements are taken into account at the design phase.

How long does it take to implement an online purchase order system?

With our systems, from specification stage- where the client signs off all the customised functionality and features and final costs- the time to deliver a test system is about 4 weeks. They then get 2 weeks to do their own testing, to ensure that it meets the agreed specification. Once the test system is signed off, go-live can be achieved in 48 hrs.

What system training of your purchasing order software is available for users?

Training is based on videos that are available to all users under the 'Help' section. As part of the standard package we record the test system handover session, as this features each client's own system features and functions, but with some test data in. This with some generic videos covering administration roles, are added to the 'Help' section at go Live date. We also supply (where relevant) workflow diagrams of the approval set up for each system, also available under 'Help'.

When I log into the cloud based purchasing system, is there a dashboard summary available?

Yes. Each user will have a customised dashboard of key information presented to them on log in, dependent on the roles and permissions that they have in the system. Typically this will be in graphical and table form, such as My Outstanding Tasks, Outstanding Purchase Orders, broken down by type, which can then be accessed directly from this screen. There will also be information on the status of budgets (allocated, used and remaining) and any that are on a budget watch list, or due to expire. Power / Finance users will have access to system wide versions of the data.

Can we have multiple companies on the same PO software system?

Yes, you can. The main Purchase Order and Purchase to Pay systems have the capability of admin users being able to add new entities (companies) plus branches and departments as required, thereby keeping pace with business expansion. And each new company can have different workflow rules for the approval of items created, as well as different logos on the purchase order template.

Can I export approved supplier invoice and credit note data from the PO system, into my accounts system?

Yes, you can. Metadata such as approved and sent Purchase Orders, and in our purchase to pay version, PO matched and approved supplier invoices and credit notes, can be exported as a CSV file. Accounts systems such as SAGE, Xero and Quick Books all have the facility to import CSV file data, and the export from our system would match the required format columns and headings in your version of your accounts system, for accurate import.

Can we create Purchase Orders with different budgets for different ordered lines?

With our systems, each item line on a digital purchase order can have a different budget allocation. In addition created budgets can have different nominal codes or cost centres associated, meaning even more accurate allocation of funds, and the user does not have to contend with knowing which codes should be used.

Does your software for Purchasing Orders have goods receipting as a function?

There is a full goods receipting (delivery note) function, allowing for part, full and bulk line receipting against open Purchase Orders by supplier. The system knows which purchase orders for which suppliers have open lines for receipting and will automatically close PO's when fully receipted. Physical GRN’s – or delivery notes- can be imported, but if there is no physical document, there is an internal receipting facility that achieves the same process.

Does the online Purchase Order software allow us to add and change users and their profiles ourselves?

Admin users can not only add new users with defined roles and access permissions, as new staff are employed, but can change existing user profiles, as their job position or function changes.

Can I add new suppliers myself to the online electronic purchase order system?

We will import your existing suppliers via a template we provide you with. You can then add new suppliers, plus additional delivery and invoice addresses via the 'Add Item' icon. There is also the ability to set up different terms and conditions for suppliers, that then become part of the PO sent to suppliers.

How is an approved PO sent to suppliers?

Once the PO has been through the full approval process the system converts the template into a PDF and emails it automatically to the nominated contact at the supplier. There is the option for the PO creator (and other internal contacts e.g.,site managers) to receive a copy of the final PO when it has been dispatched.

Are there limits to the online Purchase Order management system in terms of the approval workflow stages?

No. We set up the workflows to suit your business. For most client systems Purchase Order approval workflows are based on company level rules (e.g. by Dept. / value) but there are also additional user rules that can be deployed on top of company rules.

Can I order multiple lines on a single Purchase Order?

Yes. You can order as many different lines as you require. Being web based the system also allows the use of cut & paste, so you can copy lines (say) from other sources. The price list import and search function adds an extra level of ease and accuracy when building a PO.

Can I set up supplier contract prices for goods or services in the purchase order system software?

Yes. There is a Supplier Price Module that allows clients to import price lists from suppliers. The advantage is that product codes and descriptions and prices are current and accurate, which the PO creators can load at PO line level- they just fill in the quantity, helping speed up the PO process. The system also allows the update of individual price changes, and complete new price lists will overwrite existing ones, ensuring up to date information.

Can I have different types of Purchase Orders in the same PO software system?

Yes. There are 3 normal purchase order categories – Company, Departmental and Project, and most clients have at least 2. They use Company for items such as stationery, and then either Department or Project based PO’s with their own associated budgets and account codes.

Can I upload supplier invoices and match them to issued Purchase Orders?

Yes you can in the full Purchase Order & Supplier invoice version often known as Purchase to Pay. A lot of invoices and supporting documents come into organisations as electronic files / attachments such as PDF’s these days, but you can also just scan the paper copy if that’s what arrives. You simply save the relevant document(s) to an accessible directory and use the 2 system icons – Upload Documents and Index Documents - to bring them into the system and apply the relevant metadata (indexing) to each as appropriate. Invoices can therefore be handled at Finance department level or in case of query can be routed back to the PO creator for action.

Is there a Budget Control module available in the purchasing order system?

Yes. The purchase order software has a Budget Control Module that allows clients to set up  (via Add Item icon) company, departmental or individual project budgets on a periodical basis. PO’s can then be raised by authorised users up to the level of funds remaining in the budget. However, if the PO exceeds that figure, the system will not allow the PO to be raised and the user will need to refer to the system administrator. There is also the option to add a time ‘cut off’ for the availability of a budget, giving an additional level of control. At any time a breakdown on all budget status (amount used, amount remaining) is available as a saved search and a report.

What are the storage limits for a Purchase Order System?

The base system comes with 20Gb storage- which by the way equates to some 250k documents- but you can elect to increase the storage in 1Gb increments at a small monthly cost. To date even our largest clients have not exceed this initial limit.

What is the minimum subscription period?

Your subscription is for a minimum of 36 months. You can give notice in writing no less than 90 days from the date of the first 36 month anniversary, to cease the service. At the end of the period, you can elect to have your data transferred out (cost for this service will be determined on notice). If you elect not to extract the data the information will be deleted from our system 14 days from the end of the period. If you do not serve notice as above, the agreement will roll over for a further 12 months thereafter, until notice is served.

How secure is the Purchase ordering software system?

Cloud B2B solutions are fully secure using individual client system SSL certification. SSL is an encrypted communication channel that renders all transactions between your browser and our servers impenetrable. The encryption takes place on your computer, allowing you to safely use the Purchase Order software from all Internet connections, home, office, or public connection. In common with all Internet activity you should however remain vigilant and observe sensible operational practices when using computers in public spaces. Every customer has their own database instance to ensure data isolation, meaning that no two customers will have their data stored in the same tables. We provide encryption as standard so your physical documents are protected (to AES 256-bit standard).

Can we host the PO software system ourselves?

Yes. We can provide clients with details of server specifications to host the Purchase Order and Invoice Approval system. Clients however should be aware that they will have to support the infrastructure including back ups themselves, and client installed systems will attract an installation charge and a higher annual support fee, dependent on the size of system and number of users.

What support is provided for the purchasing management system?

Support (working week) is provided via our dedicated online Web Portal, enabling nominated Client staff to filter and then report potential faults, with associated screen shots. The system is also used to request any changes you want to the system e.g., to users. Nominated users can also check their account and invoice details via the portal. With each system you get an allowance of hours that you can use for any issue (note: genuine software issues are not deducted from the support bank)

What’s the advantage of a cloud based PO system?

There are many advantages to using cloud based PO software:

A digital purchase order system that is located in the Cloud can be accessed securely, at any time, day or night from anywhere in the world via the internet. There is no software or hardware for a company’s internal IT team to have to install and support – the system is run as SaaS (Software as a Service) and all updates and security patches are part of the package.

Our systems are Transactional based (meaning instantaneous updating of the data base structure). If your software is transactional, then all users are working on the most up to date information.

Is your current puchasing software suitable for small businesses?

Most certainly as size is not the most important factor:

The need to keep a firm control on expenditure is a key driver for all businesses whether small, medium or large – our purchase order systems meet this need.

For many, especially in manufacturing, a large proportion of turnover may be spent on purchases of raw materials and associated items.
We have business clients of all sizes, from manufacturing to construction and services. We also have clients in the educational sector, charities and even football clubs!

Do you have any other cloud based products or systems?

There are other products in the Cloud B2B portfolio including Contracts Management and HR OnLine. To get more information return to our home page. Our sister company The IPC Group also has a wide range of Information management services and solutions which can be found at ipcgroup.co.uk

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