System Support (for Cloud B2B solutions Hosted systems)

Cloud B2B solutions will provide annual renewable software support for supplied systems, as detailed in the price lists current at the time.

Annual support covers Generic upgrades, offered to Clients dependant on individual Client system configurations, at times agreed between the Client and Cloud B2B solutions.

Annual support also includes a ‘bank’ of time to cover Support issues raised by Clients. Related  time for handling / resolution for these will be recorded in the Cloud B2B solutions Web Portal (WHMCS) system that clients should use to report all issues (with relevant screen shots where applicable). The system will automatically acknowledge support requests and allocate a ticket number. Clients will be able to view information related to support issues raised and their progress via the portal at any time.

Support covers all issues reported by phone, email or (preferably) via the official WHMCS portal, and can include (at Cloud B2B solutions / Client discretion) additional advice / training after Go Live system hand over. Each purchase order system supplied has an initial ‘bank’ of support time allocated to it, within the cost of the annual support, based on a cost of £100 per hour plus vat.

e.g. currently a generic  POP system has a bank of 2.5 hours and the full POPIA system 4.5 hours included in each annual support contract.

Each support request / instance in terms of time used will be recorded in the support portal time system, and used time deducted from each Clients ‘bank’. When a base level of time left reaches 30 minutes, Clients will be advised. Additional hours can be purchased to top up the support bank at
 £100 plus vat, with 1 hour being the minimum purchase.

At the renewal date for annual support the time ‘bank’ will be re-set; any full hours not used in the previous 12 months period will be transferred to the next year  and added to that new ‘bank’.

Additional support costs may apply during the term of the contract (min 12 months) in the case of Change Management (additional Client requested system customisation or additional user licences)

Support for systems installed to Client hardware / infrastructure will attract different rates and terms and conditions, subject to system specification.

Apart from Support Ticket detail (incl. historic) the support portal will also contain information on client billing, invoicing, and links to other related items such as video manuals.

Online Client Portal:


Cloud B2B Support Portal