Do we need a licence for all staff members who make a claim?
No, the expenses system uses concurrent licences, not a seat licence model so you can have as many registered users as you like – the server will only limit the number of instantaneous hits on the database. Therefore, if you have (say) 20 staff, made up of claimants and approvers, but elect just for the base 3 concurrent user (the server will limit use to 3 staff at the same instant) the cost per user per month is just £3.75 plus VAT!

How does a user upload receipts?
Most claimants for convenience will use a smart phone camera to photograph receipts, or an office or home scanner to capture supporting paperwork. You can upload such information into the system as a supporting document either direct from an individual claim or use the upload and index icon when you have a lot of receipts that may span different claims. The system will not allow you to progress a claim for approval without supporting receipts / documents.

What if a claim is outside the set claim period?
The system will recognise if you are claiming for an item with a date outside a set fiscal period, which you can do, but you then have to give supporting justifications that an approver will be alerted to when the claim is submitted for approval. Approvers can always reject such claims back to the claimant for more information.

How do users know the status of their claims?
When you log into the system each user has an individual dashboard for the status of their claims. This information is also available under the My Claims icon and all claims – current and historic – are stored there. The system will email or text alerts via SMS users as to actions in the system e.g. when approval is required and when claims are approved for payment.

Can we export approved claims into another system?
Yes, approved claims data can be exported at header level that can be imported to an accounts payment system, or direct into systems such as Xero, that treat claimants as a supplier. Alternatively, the information can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet that can then be passed to a payroll provider for action.

What about car mileage expenses?
Our system handles these as well using a separate claim icon. Finance or HR will set the mileage allowance (including any initial mileage not included) and the user will fill in the form using postcodes (from and to) in order for validation checks to be carried out and other relevant information can also be added. Dates and dropdown expense codes ensure compliance.